Alumni FAQs


  • I'm a GW alumnus/a. How do I audit a course in your department?

Contact the alumni house. What religion courses are open to auditors? If you find a course that interests you, you contact the professor to speak with her/him about the course and to find out if there are available seats.

The Department and You

  • I would love to stay in touch with the department/I'd like to learn more about what the department is doing: How can I do this?

The department creates an annual newsletter that contains not only critical articles on hot topics in religion, but that highlight the achievements of our faculty and students. We want to hear from you! We welcome updates and submissions for the department newsletter! If you'd like to let us know what you're doing please let us know either by letter or e-mail.

  • I'm a former religion major but I haven't received a newsletter in several years. How can I get back on the mailing list?

The newsletter is sent out to friends and alumni of the Religion Department. The Alumni Development Department supplies us with the labels, but if you do not update your information with the development department, our information might be incorrect, and the newsletter will get returned to us from the post office. You may update your info with the Alumni House or with us directly.

  • I'm not a former religion major, but I would like to receive the newsletter. How do I get on the mailing list?

Many friends of the religion department or former religion minors (who are not included in the mailing labels the Alumni Development house supplies us with) are on our mailing list. Simply e-mail the department and we'll put you on the mailing list for the next newsletter (issued each spring).

Supporting the Study of Religions

  • How can I support the study of religions at GW? I'd like to contribute to the Religion Department's Research Fund. What information do I need to know?

We always appreciate donations. Please see the Support section of our site for more information.