Minor in Religion


Undergraduate student in a Buddhist Philosophy class writing in a notebook


The religion minor encourages students to explore a variety of religious traditions and histories. With all 18 credits chosen from elective courses, the minor can be combined with a variety of other majors.

Courses are distributed among six major groupings: Buddhism, Christianity, East Asian Religions, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.



Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits in elective courses, of which no more than 9 credits may be taken in any one of the major religious traditions listed below:

REL 2601Buddhism
REL 3566Dharma in Hinduism and Buddhism
REL 3614Buddhist Philosophy
REL 2165The Gospels
REL 2169Lost Gospels
REL 2301Christianity
REL 3151The Historical Jesus
or REL 3151W The Historical Jesus
REL 3161The Life and Thought of Paul
or REL 3161W The Life and Thought of Paul
REL 3321Christian Ethics and Modern Society
REL 3341Christianity in the Ancient World
REL 3342Medieval Faith and Symbolism
REL 3343Religion in the Renaissance and Reformation
REL 3344Christianity in the Modern World
REL 3666The Book of Revelation and Other Apocalypses
REL 2562Mythologies of India
REL 3566Dharma in Hinduism and Buddhism
REL 3915Islam and Hinduism in South Asia
REL 3989The Goddess in India and Beyond
REL 2401Islam
REL 3405Shi'ite Islam
REL 3414Islamic Philosophy and Theology
REL 3425Islamic Political Thought
REL 3431Sufism/Islamic Mysticism
REL 3475Islamic Religion and Art
REL 3481Women in Islam
REL 3482Gender and Piety in Islam
REL 3915Islam and Hinduism in South Asia
REL 2201Judaism
REL 2211Rabbinic Thought and Literature
REL 3141Second Temple/Hellenistic Judaism
REL 3221Issues in Jewish Ethics
REL 3291Modern Jewish Thought
REL 3292
East Asian Religions
REL 2811Confucian Literature in East Asia
or EALL 3811 Confucian Literature in East Asia
REL 2814Religion and Philosophy in East Asia
REL 3831
or REL 3831W Introduction to Daoism
REL 3832Myth, Ritual, and Popular Religion in China
or EALL 3832 Myth, Ritual, and Popular Religion in China
REL 3841Religion and Politics in China
or CHIN 3841 Religion and Politics in China
REL 3881Women, Gender, and Religion in China
or EALL 3881 Women, Gender, and Religion in China
or WSTU 3881

REL 3901 is recommended.