Faculty Books


Intellectual and Spiritual Debates in Islam

Sayed Hassan Akhlaq, Professor of Religion, talks about issues of interest and impact from the rich and diverse intellectual traditions of Islam from its inception to present.

Enchanted Revolution

Enchanted Revolution: Ghosts, Shamans, and Gender Politics in Chinese Communist Propaganda, 1942-1953

Professor Kang moves religion and gender to center stage in the Chinese Communist revolution, examining the dynamics of anti-superstition propaganda in support of the Party's rise to national...


Jews, Judaism, and Success

Professor Robert Eisen attempts to solve a mystery that has long fascinated many: How did Jews become such a successful minority in the modern Western world?

Book Cover: The Making of Shia Ayatollahs by Sayed Hassan Akhlaq

The Making of Shia Ayatollahs

Professorial Lecturer Sayed Hassan Akhlaq offers both insider and outsider views of how a scholar becomes an Ayatollah in Shia Islam.

What is Religious Ethics?

What is Religious Ethics? An Introduction

Associate Professor Irene Oh demonstrates the importance of ethics based in religious traditions and describes how scholars of ethics think through moral problems.

El imperio de la utopía

El imperio de la utopía

Professor of Media and Public Affairs, Silvio R. Waisbord, offers an x-ray of current American society that helps understand its historical contradictions and its power to construct myths and hide...

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Differentiating the Pearl from the Fish-Eye: Ouyang Jingwu and the Revival of Scholastic Buddhism

Eyal Aviv, assistant professor of religion, offers an account of Ouyang Jingwu (1871-1943), a leading...

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Ethics of War and Peace in Islam: A Shi’a View

Professor Mohammad Faghfoory demonstrates that the Shia perception of war and peace is deeply rooted in...

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Jesus Followers in the Roman Empire

Professor Paul Duff offers an accessible and informed account of Christian origins, beginning with the...

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Religious Zionism, Jewish Law, and the Morality of War

Robert Eisen, professor of religion and Judaic studies, examines a dilemma within modern Jewish...