Major in Religion

To major in Religion, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

1. Prerequisite courses:

  • REL 1003: Introduction to World Religions

2. Required courses:

  • REL 3901 - Thinking About Religion (to be taken in the Fall semester of junior year)
  • REL 4101W - Senior Capstone Seminar (to be taken in the Fall semester of senior year)

3. Electives:

  • Three REL courses at the 2000 level
  • Six additional REL courses


It is recommended that students include the study of foreign languages in their undergraduate program, including a language crucial to one of the religious traditions. All students expecting to enter graduate school are urged to study French or German.

Special Honors will be awarded to students who meet the requirements stated under University regulations, who have received a 3.5 GPA or higher in their Religion courses, and who have received an A- or higher in the Senior Capstone Seminar (REL 4101W).