Graduate FAQs

Please consult the Graduate Studies at Columbian College page for general admissions information and the MA in Islamic Studies admissions page for specific information.

Program Questions

  • Do you offer graduate/doctoral degrees in religion?

The Religion Department offers an MA in Islamic Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Islamic Studies.

  • Who do I contact with questions about the program?

Professor Mohammad Faghfoory is the director of the program, and it is best to consult him with questions. He can be reached at [email protected]. If he is not available, you can also contact Professor Kelly Pemberton at [email protected] who teaches in the program, or the Chair of the Religion Department, Professor Robert Eisen, at [email protected].

How to Apply

  • What are the requirements for studying at the graduate level at GW?

Please refer to GW Graduate Information.

  • How can I get a packet of information on GW and the program?

This request is handled directly by the graduate admissions department. There is a quick and easy online form that you can fill-out to request an application packet. They in turn, send us your name and address so we can send you department information. There is no need to send us a separate request.

  • How can I apply? What are the deadlines for application?

Please refer to the Graduate Studies at Columbian College general admissions information page. 

  • What scholarships can I compete for? What financial support does GW offer to graduate students?

The Religion Department has limited scholarship funds which are granted on the basis of merit. There may also be opportunities for work-study as a graduate teaching assistant.  Please visit the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Graduate Funding Opportunities for more information. You may also speak to Professor Mohammad Faghfoory. Again, he can be contacted at [email protected]