Fri, 17 September, 2021 4:00pm
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The Religion Department is excited to announce its partnership with the Elliot School of International Affairs: The Global Affairs and Religion Network (GARNET)! This joint venture aims to create a sustained conversation across the fields of religion and gloabl affairs. Deans Alyssa Ayers (ESIA) and Paul Wahlbeck (CCAS) will introduce the joint initiative and Co-Chairs Prof. Rollie Lal and Prof. Irene Oh will provide an overview of GARNET.  This will be followed by a talk given by Prof. Paul Duff titled "A Borderless Society 2000 years ago: Christians and International Affairs in the Roman Empire".

The event will be held both in person in the Linder Family Commons and virtually. It is strongly recommended to RSVP before attending. Please click the link to RSVP today! 

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