Freud's Mahābhārata

Celebrating Professor Alf Hiltebeitel

Hiltebeitel Religion Freud Mahabharata
Please join us on Thursday, September 28, ​for a symposium in honor of Alf Hiltebeitel, who is retiring after 49 years at GW. The symposium will celebrate his illustrious career of scholarship, teaching, and service to the academic profession. Prof. Hiltebeitel will speak on his research, including his most recent book, and several colleagues will respond to his remarks.


​1:00​ - 2:30 pm​: Session 1

    Prof. ​Alf Hiltebeitel, "Freud’s Mahābhārata"​


2:30-3:00 pm​: Coffee Break

​3:00​ - 5:00pm: Session 2​

    Prof. Perundevi Srinivasan (Siena College)
    Prof. Norman Girardot (LeHigh University) 
    Prof. Brian Collins (Ohio University)

    Reminiscences of Colleagues about Prof. Hiltebeitel's Career