Alexandra Carroll

Alexandra Carroll
Professorial Lecturer
2106 G St NW
Washington, DC 20052
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

peace studies, religion and culture

Alexandra N. Carroll graduated from Smith College with a double major in Russian Civilization and Russian Literature. She earned an MA from Yale University in Slavic Languages and Literatures, and an MAR from the Yale Divinity School where she focused on religion and the arts. In 2012, she received a Ph.D. in Theology and Religious Studies from The Catholic University of America, where she studied religion and culture, with a specialization in religion and literature. Her research investigates illustrations of evil and the monstrous in popular culture, and the manner in which we use literature to cope with suffering. Her current project focuses on Hannibal Lecter in Thomas Harris' novels and the NBC drama Hannibal (2012). She is also working a book about Soviet playwright and author Mikhail Bulgakov  (1891-1940) and his final novel, The Master and Margarita, as a psychological and spiritual response to persecution suffered under the Stalinist Soviet Union.