A Summer Reading List from Professor Alf Hiltebeitel

Five new short books on the Mahābhārata, from Alf Hiltebeitel, Professor of Religion 

Looking for a good book for the summer?  Try exploring the Mahābhārata with these recently published books, recommended by Alf Hiltebeitel, one of our distinguished professors and renowned scholar of the great Hindu epics.


Jaya : performance in epic Mahābhārata by Kevin McGrath (2011).


Heroic Kṛṣṇa: friendship in epic Mahābhārata by Kevin McGrath (2013).


Disorienting Dharma: Ethics and the Aesthetics of Suffering in the Mahābhārata by Emily T. Hudson (2012).


Religion, Narrative and Public Imagination in South Asia: Past and Place in the Sanskrit Mahābhārata by James Hegarty (2012). 


Beginning the Mahābhārata: A Reader’s Guide to the Frame Stories by James W. Earl (2011).