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American Muslims: History, Culture, and Politics

July 13-31, 2015
The George Washington University
Washington, DC

Sohail Hashmi, Mount Holyoke College
Irene Oh, George Washington University

This NEH Summer Institute is an intensive, three-week study of Muslims in America, their history spanning four centuries of American history and their current emergence into the mainstream of American culture and politics. Two broad questions frame this institute: What impact has American culture had in shaping the religious identities of American Muslims and in the creation of a uniquely American Muslim identity? What impact have American Muslims had on the religious, cultural, and political life of the United States? We will address these questions by probing the experiences of individuals and communities, using their journeys to illustrate wider trends in the American Muslim population.

Twenty-five college and university faculty and advanced graduate students will study with eminent scholars and prominent Muslim contributors to American arts, media, music, education, and government. Seminar presentations and discussions will be supplemented with site visits to Islamic centers in the vibrant Muslim community of Washington, D.C.

The goal of this institute is to catalyze the study and teaching of the Muslim presence in the United States. It will do so first by providing participants with ideas and tools for developing new courses or revising existing courses on Islam in America; and second, through the development by the participants of a multimedia website offering extensive pedagogical resources for educators in the United States and abroad.

Important Information

Application Deadline
March 2, 2015

Notification Date
March 30, 2015


Note: Stipends are intended to help cover travel expenses to and from the project location, books and other research expenses, and ordinary living expenses. Stipends are taxable.