Islam & Hinduism Concentration


The prerequisites for the Islam & Hinduism concentration are the same as the general Islamic Studies program.

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree related to the subject of the program. (Alternatively, courses may be taken to fulfill these requirements after enrollment in the M.A program. These courses would not count towards the total credit hours required for completion of the program)
  • The general requirements as stated by the Columbian School of Arts and Sciences.
  • The program consists of 36 credit hours. All students need to complete at least 4 semesters of a primary research language (Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Sanskrit or another relevant language), which will not count toward the 36 hours. Alternatively, students may demonstrate competence in a primary research language by taking a competency exam.

Course Requirements

  • 2 core courses in the Religion Department:
    REL 3901: Thinking about Religion (staff)
    REL 3915: Islam and Hinduism in South Asia (Pemberton)
  • 8 additional courses chosen from a list of courses pre-approved in consultation with the graduate program advisor(s). Courses should focus on Hinduism or Islam (these may also be major components within a comparative course that treats multiple religious traditions)
  • 2 courses in sequence dedicated to the composition of a thesis (Thesis Research, REL 6998 and 6999)

Core Faculty

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